Plan for intelligent rendering of images with simple changes

If it is the computer then displaying the image on the full screen would make sense but when you are targeting the devices, then you should plan for smart rendering of the image by intelligently selecting the image rendering strategy. You could opt either the ‘above the fold’ content or the ‘full page’ with one single parameter that is provided with the RESTful screenshot API. While the default is to cater the need of rendering the image on the devices that are handheld by the customers, you could specifically opt for full page when you have the valid reason to do so.

So, now that you know you could intelligently choose the devices, you could then plan for the lazy load feature that is provided with the API. Of course, you could even concentrate on the performance aspect by deciding on the capture timeout so that you could easily identify the performance issues. You could also plan to be selective in rendering the images depending on the geography of the customers. With two simple parameters with which you could mention the latitude and longitude of the region you could plan to orchestrate the images.

Those parameters that are discussed here are all available with ‘custom’ prefixed before each parameter name and thus could be called in an easy way when you start exploring the API. With enough of parameters you could easily control the image rendering facility on the devices and convey the content about your business idea. Once the idea is accepted the customers you could easily generate the leads and support the idea evolution to a complete software program that could sell in the market. Just be able to map the right values to the right parameters of the APIs that are provided to you.

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